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Real, authentic, and grassroots. 

At Jumplete, we're more than just another sports gear company - we're founded by a community of athletes who share a belief for authenticity in sport. We know that pursuing excellence requires not only the right equipment, but also hard work, and a deep emotional connection to the game we love.

As a grassroots company, we are pumped to share our passion for quality and performance by using only the best materials and construction techniques in all of our products. When we fall short of this, we engineer new techniques and materials. Our gear is always backed up with our full-year warranty. We take pride in our work and stand by everything we create.

Whether you are a professional athlete or just starting out, thank you so much for supporting Jumplete. We sincerely hope that our athlete-driven products help you connect with your sport and achieve your goals.

We embrace being the underdog, join us.

behind the scenes jumplete early days

Behind the scenes at our first photoshoot (2022)

Our Founders

We're founded by ex-pro and ex-college volleyball athletes & coaches.

It all started with Attakk Knee Support.


early jumplete sketch

Early Attakk sketch (2021)

With the challenge the sport of volleyball can put on knees, it is no surprise that training like before can become increasingly difficult. And it turns out that we weren't the only ones experiencing this challenge. Well, that’s what brings us to the conception of Jumplete in 2021 and its predecessor jumperskneebrace.com in 2017.

We keep our own stock in-house and ship directly from our hometown: Edmonton, Canada. US & International orders ship from our warehouse in Montana.

Jumplete Canada Nationals 2022

Canadian Nationals (2022)

Jumplete at Volleyball Canada Nationals 2022

Canadian Nationals (2022)

 Canadian Nationals (2022)

behind the scenes jumplete

Behind the Scenes (2023)

    Our Community

    We also provide you with a tight-knit community of volleyball players, coaches, managers, and fans who are on the journey of self improvement both physically and mentally.  We are your companions on your journey to become a better version of you. For additional questions about us, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at  info@jumplete.com

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    Canadian Design

    Designed for and by high-performance athletes in Canada and the USA.

    12 Month Warranty

    Industry leading full-year warranty coverage on manufacturing defects.

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